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[texts]Women in state legislatures : representation and the policy process - Schumacher, Kristin L.
Women have not achieved equality in regards to political representation within theUS. This exclusion weakens the quality of the political debate and destabilizes the legitimacy of our democracy. However, inroads have been made in building a more representative democracy at both the state and federal level in the US. This study extends the literature regarding gender and representation, exploring the association between descriptive representation, legislative factors, civil society contexts and t...
Keywords: auraria library; university of colorado denver; public affairs; phd; dissertation
Downloads: 1
[texts]CCD Promotional Videos - Community College of Denver
Two promotional videos for Community College of Denver.
Keywords: education; auraria library; community college of denver; denver; old computers; 90s; 1990s
Downloads: 2
[texts]CCD Rap - Community College of Denver
Circa 1991, this is a promotional rap video produced by the Community College of Denver. The artist is identified as QG Posse.
Keywords: rap; hip hop; community college of denver; community colleges; commercials; educational videos
Downloads: 4
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2001/01/23
Keywords: metropolitan state university of denver; newsletter; e-newsletter
Downloads: 3
This is a fragment of the @metro newsletter, a former online periodical produced by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2000/10/26
Keywords: newsletter; metropolitan state university of denver
Downloads: 5
[texts]Next-generation library catalogs and the problem of slow response time - Brown-Sica, Margaret S.
Response time as defined for this study is the time that it takes for all files that constitute a single webpage to travel across the Internet from a Web server to the end user's browser. In this study, the authors tested response times on queries for identical items in five different library catalogs, one of them a next-generation(NextGen) catalog. The authors also discuss acceptable response time and how it may affect the discovery process...
Keywords: online library catalogs; information retrieval; internet searching
Downloads: 7
[texts]Student engagement and the college experience in hospitality management - Wray, Michael
Student perceptions of competency in Hospitality management, (HM) andthe level of engagement in the college experience were compared between two programs to verify engagement as a construct consisting of three domains;classroom, campus, and off-campus. Administrator and student descriptions of engagement in the college experience described the pedagogy, activities, and experiences that were unique between a four-year public and private college...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; phd; dissertation; educational leadership; innovation
Downloads: 2
[texts]Assessment of concrete masonry units containing aggregate replacements of waste glass and rubber tire particles - Isler, Jerry W.
Sustainable construction has become an interest in the engineering community and several standards have been developed to assess the environmental impact of new construction projects. Research has shown that it is possible to use recycled materials to replace some of the traditional mixture components in concrete products and produce a more sustainable building material. Two materials that are currently recycled and have the possibility of use in concrete applications are waste glass and rubber ...
Keywords: construction; concrete; masonry; rubber; engineering standards; aggregate
Downloads: 31
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2000/11/30
Keywords: newsletter; e-newsletter; metropolitan state university of denver
Downloads: 9
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2001/01/11
Keywords: metropolitan state university of denver; newsletter; e-newsletter
Downloads: 4
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2001/01/16
Keywords: metropolitan state university of denver; newsletter; e-newsletter
Downloads: 4
[texts]Adversaries, psychology, social movements, and world politics - Turtledove, Nina Lois
Within philosophy we fmd at least two major paradigms with which it is possible to conceptualize the nature of reality: what I call the dualistic paradigm, and the integrated paradigm. Aspects of these worldviews are evidenced in the way we "deal" with adversaries, both on a psychological level and in our actions in the world. I argue that not only do these paradigms exist in philosophy and in the-actions of individuals, but they can be discerned in the events of history as well...
Keywords: dualism; university of colorado denver; auraria library; history; philosophy; politics; thesis
Downloads: 11
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2000/11/28
Keywords: metropolitan state university of denver; newsletter; e-newsletter
Downloads: 3
[texts]Organizational effectiveness and emergency planning in institutions housing the developmentally disabled - Le, Sophia
Catering to understand the needs of the disabled population has been an important issue in the field of emergency management. However. there has been little research on the developmentally disabled populations and of populations in long-term care or institutional settings. Using organizational effectiveness theory. this research sets out to determine emergency planning performance at state-run institutions housing the developmentally disabled in four states: Washington, Colorado...
Keywords: master of public administration; university of colorado denver; auraria library; disabilities
Downloads: 4
[texts]Reasons for being homeless among single homeless men in Denver - Adibifar, Karam
This thesis explores the primary reasons for homelessness among a group ofthirteen single homeless men in Denver, Colorado. The participants' stories were in response to a query concerning how they became homeless. There were multiple reasons for being homeless among these single homeless men in Denver. However the primary reasons among this group of people were economic conditions and high cost of living, alcohol and drug problems (substance abuse), and family issues.The study was aimed to find...
Keywords: homelessness; auraria library; university of colorado denver; thesis
Downloads: 5
[texts]Feasible flows in multicommodity graphs - Zullo, Holly Sue
This thesis establishes the minimal representation of the necessaryconditions for feasible supplies and demands for a given multicommoditynetwork. The fundamental theorem is an extension of the Wallace-Wets connectivity result for both directed and undirected graphs. A systemof absolute value inequalities is developed for the undirected case, andspecial properties of this system are explored. Additional results includecounting the number of nonredundant inequalities for specific classes ofgraphs...
Keywords: university of colorado; auraria library; phd; dissertation; mathematics
Downloads: 5
[texts]Negotiating identities : voices of students in a community college developmental education program - Brancard, Ruth
More than half of the students who enroll in community colleges leave after one year without completing degrees or certificates. Framing the problem of low persistence rates as one of identity development rather than skills development, this study examines the perceptions of first-semester students in two developmental reading and writing learning communities at an urban community college that serves a diverse student population...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; education; dissertation; phd
Downloads: 6
[texts]Adjusted measures of district and school performance : a social justice study of Colorado's Latino students - Broer, Ashley J.
The reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 has increasedattention to student achievement. Specifically, the challenging demographics inColorado make attention to Colorado's Latino American students a critical issue. Colorado's population of Latino American students is now the largest and fastest growing ethnic minority group in the state. Although it is necessary to hold educators accountable for students who are not achieving, it is inappropriate to make judgments simply from r...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; phd; dissertation; education; chicano studies
Downloads: 1
Clark's nutcrackers (Nucifraga columbiana) are the main seed dispersers for whitebark pine and primarily responsible for whitebark pine regeneration through their seed caching behavior. On-going losses of whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis) in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem, from white pine blister rust (caused by the exotic fungus Cronartium ribicola), historical losses of whitebark pine to mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae), as well as successional replacement of whitebark pine...
Keywords: blister rust; clark's nutcracker; glacier national park; waterton lakes national park; whitebark pine
Downloads: 23
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2001/01/25
Keywords: metropolitan state university of denver; newsletter; e-newsletter
Downloads: 5
[texts]Sinking your teeth into composition : teaching English using "Quartier de la Madeleine" - Syn, Benjamin Lyric
To meet the diverse needs of composition students, Sinking Your Teeth into Composition: Teaching English Using "Quartier de Ia Madeleine" offers English teachers an additional resource to supplement lectures and textbooks. Vincenzo Natali's "Quartier de Ia Madeline," the 15th short film in the feature film Paris, je t'aime, offers insight into several composition fundamentals, which this guide will explain...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; rhetoric; teaching writing; master of arts; French; English
Downloads: 20
[texts]Modeling the Flow of PCL Fluid Due to the Movement of Lung Cilia - Chamsri, Kannanut
Cilia in the human lungs are moving hairs that aid in the movement of mucus. The layer that contains the cilia is called the periciliary layer, PCL, and the liquid in that layer the PCL fluid. We consider the PCL fluid as an incompressible viscous fluid, and we consider the cilia as a periodic array of cylinders that rotate about their base with height varying as a function of the angle. We seek a three-dimensional mathematical model of the PCL fluid slowly flowing due to the movement of the cil...
Keywords: cilia; conductivity; drag coefficient; lungs; permeability
Downloads: 26
[texts]English language literacy for the native speaker - Blake, Christine Ellen
The desire to learn a new skill or polish an old one for better employment prospects inspires many adults to enroll in community colleges. However, being away from school for a long time or having struggled in K-12 schooling, can make that transition back to the classroom difficult for adult students. As part of enrollment, they take an entrance exam, and if they do not perform well one the English Reading and Writing portions, they may be identified as "illiterate" in Academic English, and are ...
Keywords: academic english; adult literacy; community college; developmental education; english skills; literacy
Downloads: 184
[texts]Robust detection of frequency shift keying modulated signals - Hall, Adam
We derive and examine the Neyman-Pearson Detection of an FSK modulated waveform in white Gaussian noise. We specifically examine three cases: 1) detection when the waveform is known exactly; 2) detection when the waveform is known down to an unknown initial phase and; 3) detection of the waveform when the energy level is known but the signal is not. We then derive robust detection schemes where the noise comes from a broader class of stochastic processes and includes the possible occurrence of o...
Keywords: Optimal; processing; electrical engineering; detection; Neyman-Pearson
Downloads: 39
[texts]Comparative analysis of communication architectures and technologies for smart grid distribution network - Hammoudeh, Monther A.
A critical piece of the Smart Grid infrastructure is the communications network for data gathering, control and supervision capabilities that extend to the customer demarcation point. Over several decades, the electric utilities built a robust communications networks connecting electric grid subsystems except for the “last mile” connecting to the end user premise. A primary goal of Smart Grid (SG) is to expand the communications network throughout the Distribution Network (DN) thus enabling ...
Keywords: electrical engineering; mathematics; smart grid
Downloads: 53
[texts]Youth master planning in the United States - Cushing, Debra Flanders
Youth master planning represents a new planning specialization that began inthe late 1980s to improve the lives of children and youth. Youth master planning is aligned with the normative frameworks of advocacy planning and participatory planning in that adults are encouraged to advocate for the needs of children and youthand meaningfully engage them in community decision-making. As an outcome of this process, youth master plan documents provide a general guide for becoming a better place for you...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; urban planning; dissertation; phd
Downloads: 8
[texts]Limited sensing random access algorithm - Idowu, Oluwapelumi
This project presents the properties of a class of Limited Sensing Random Access algorithms. The operations and properties of the algorithms are presented in detail and compared with the ALOHA protocol. In particular, the performance of the algorithms in the presence of the limit Poisson user model is investigated and compared with that of the ALOHA protocol. In addition, performance evaluation of these algorithms and comparison with the ALOHA protocol are also performed in environments where ad...
Keywords: Limited sensing; Electrical Engineering; binary split algorithm; two cell stack; three cell stack
Downloads: 42
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2000/12/12
Keywords: metropolitan state university of denver; newsletter; e-newsletter
Downloads: 6
[texts]Impacts of mountain pine beetle (dendroctonus ponderosae) and fire disturbances on forest ecosystem carbon dynamics and species composition - Caldwell, Megan K.
Forests play an important role in storing and sequestering carbon, where conifer forests in particular, store more than 33% within the terrestrial carbon pool. Disturbances, such as fire and insects, impact the amount of carbon that can be stored over time in conifer forests. Stand composition and structure, which plays an important role in carbon storage over time, may be altered by these large disturbances...
Keywords: forest carbon; forest vegetation; beetles; environment; insects
Downloads: 37
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2000/11/21
Keywords: newsletter; e-newsletter; metropolitan state university of denver
Downloads: 2
[texts]A design-based approach to teaching sustainability - Walter, Kim R.
We live on a finite ecological system, yet consume as though resources are unlimited. Current environmental data suggests many in the developed world are living beyond what the earth is able to sustain. The paradigms in which we operate continue to support a path of constant consumption that continues to exacerbate this problem. Technology educators can and should play a valuable role in working with students to question these paradigms through lessons that begin to engage students toward thinki...
Keywords: Educational Technology; Middle School; Sustainability; Educational Studies and Research; Action Research
Downloads: 55
On a daily basis, consensus theory attracts more and more researches from different areas of interest, to apply its techniques to solve technical problems in a way that is faster, more reliable, and even more precise than ever before. A power system network is one of those fields that consensus theory employs extensively. The use of the consensus algorithm to solve the Economic Dispatch and Load Restoration Problems is a good example...
Keywords: consensu alhorithm; economic dispatch problem; load restoration problems; smart grid; electrical engineering
Downloads: 35
Fragments of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2000/11/09
Keywords: newsletter; e-newsletter; metropolitan state university of denver
Downloads: 3
[movies]Ben Sherman interview - Center for Colorado and the West at Auraria Library
An interview with Ben Sherman, a member of the Oglala Lakota Sioux tribe of Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. Filmed at the Nighthorse Campbell Native Health Building in Aurora, CO on July 13, 2010.
Keywords: oral history; native american; american indian; oglala; lakota; sioux
Downloads: 38
[texts]Examination of Acceptance as a Mediator of Anxiety Sensitivity and Perceived Disability in an Online Chronic Illness Support Group Sample - Herbst, Andrew George
Chronic illnesses account for 70% of deaths in the United States alone. The cost associated with these illnesses was $1.3 trillion in the U.S. as of 2003, with an estimated future cost of $4.2 trillion in 2023. Additionally, chronic pain affects roughly 50 million people in the U.S. and costs over $70 billion annually in healthcare costs and lost productivity. A need exists to identify more effective forms of chronic illness management; instead of focusing on the treatment of a diagnosis specifi...
Keywords: acceptance; anxiety sensitivity; chronic illness; perceived disability; clinical psychology
Downloads: 21
[texts]Predicting high school completion using student performance in high school algebra : a mixed methods research study - Chiado, Wendy S.
Too many of our nation's youth have failed to complete high school. Determining why so many of our nation's students fail to graduate is a complex, multi-faceted problem and beyond the scope of any one study. The study presented herein utilized a thirteen-step mixed methods model developed by Leech and Onwuegbuzie (2007) to demonstrate within a large urban Rocky Mountain school district, the existence of a significant relationship between high school algebra performance and high school completio...
Keywords: self-efficacy; education; social learning theory; algebra; mathematics
Downloads: 48
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2000/12/07
Keywords: metropolitan state university of denver; newsletter; e-newsletter
Downloads: 4
[texts]Significant Life Experience: Exploring the lifelong influence of place-based environmental and science education on program participants - Colvin, Corrie Ruth
Current research provides a limited understanding of the life long influence of nonformal place-based environmental and science education programs on past participants. This study looks to address this gap, exploring the ways in which these learning environments have contributed to environmental identity and stewardship. Using Dorothy Holland's approach to social practice theory's understanding of identity formation, this study employed narrative interviews and a close-ended survey to understand...
Keywords: environmental identity; place-based education; social practice theory; stewardship behavior; science education
Downloads: 28
[texts]Surround sound for the DAW owner - Bayley, Michael John
The purpose of this thesis portfolio project is to broaden the population of surround sound listeners and producers by presenting an eight-song album of multi-channel audio in the form of Pro Tools session files, so that people who own a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and an audio interface with more than two outputs are encouraged to set up their own three, four, or five-channel surround sound environment with equipment they already have at home...
Keywords: daw; audio engineering; thesis; digital audio workstation
Downloads: 70
[texts]Investigations into chemistry misconceptions of high school students - Dusto, Ethan C.
Students have varying degrees of misconceptions relating to the field of chemistry which arise from a number of different sources. Survey based pretests were given to a group of high school students and a posttest was generated from their responses. The posttest was then given as a pre- and posttest to a second group of students the following year. The results were analyzed to see what misconceptions persisted with students from the pretest to the posttest...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; education; masters degree; thesis
Downloads: 10
[texts]On Accelerating the Nonsymmetric Eigenvalue Problem in Multicore Architectures - Nabity, Matthew
Scientific computing relies on state of the art algorithms in software libraries and packages. Achieving high performance in today's computing landscape is a challenging task as modern computer architectures in High-Performance Computing (HPC) are increasingly incorporating multicore processors and special purpose hardware, such as graphics processing units (GPUs). The emergence of this heterogeneous environment necessitates the development of algorithms and software packages that can fully expl...
Keywords: eigenvalue; krylov; multicore; nonsymmetric; schur
Downloads: 54
[texts]Whole systems thinking for sustainable water treatment design - Huggins, Mitchell Tyler
Microbial fuel cell (MFC) technology could provide a low cost alternative to conventional aerated wastewater treatment, however there has been little comparison between MFC and aeration treatment using real wastewater substrate. This study attempts to directly compare the wastewater treatment efficiency and energy consumption and generation among three reactor systems, a traditional aeration process, a simple submerged MFC configuration, and a control reactor acting similar as natural lagoons...
Keywords: Microbial Fuel Cell; sustainable; wastewater; Civil Engineering; bioenergy
Downloads: 96
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2000/12/05
Keywords: newsletter; e-newsletter; metropolitan state university of denver
Downloads: 9
[texts](un)Invited families: locating the institutional power of school at work against the involvement of families - Jefferson, Antwan
This qualitative study examined the interaction of families and school in a local community. Data were gathered through document analysis; semi-structured interviews with family members, community members, and school professionals; group interviews; street interviews; and observer field notes. A conceptual framework consisting of postcolonial theory, critical social theory, and thirdspace theory guided data analysis...
Keywords: Postcolonial Theory; school policy; Educational Studies and Research; family involvement
Downloads: 111
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2000/11/07
Keywords: newsletter; e-newsletter; metropolitan state university of denver
Downloads: 5
[texts]Shakespeare, the land law, and the individual: their emergence in Elizabethan England - Senn, Mark Albert
Through the prisms of William Shakespeare's life and work and Elizabethan land law, this thesis not only (a) suggests that the sixteenth century witnessed the simultaneous rise of the individual and the creation of the English state, but also (b) identifies the chance confluence of several forces that led to personal freedom on the one hand and a national unification on the other. Shakespeare benefited personally from the individuation and the nation-building and wrote professionally about them....
Keywords: Shakespeare; Shakespeare Plays; Humanities; Elizabethan; Land Law
Downloads: 60
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2000/11/16
Keywords: newsletter; e-newsletter; metropolitan state university of denver
Downloads: 2
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver2000/11/02
Keywords: newsletter; e-newsletter; metropolitan state university of denver
Downloads: 4
[texts]Tracking spatiotemporal movements of dunlin (calidris alpina articola) migration through stable isotope analysis - Doll, Andrew Charles
This thesis describes my investigations into the migratory and breeding behaviors of Dunlin (Calidris alpina arcticola) using chemical signals contained within the tissues of these long-distance migratory shorebirds. The ratios of stable isotopes (δ13C andδ15N) in the tissues of these birds serve as an intrinsic record of past dietary consumption. By studying the variation of these ratios over time and between tissues, I was able to make inferences about past behaviors.Chapter I describes how ...
Keywords: Dunlin; Migration; Stable isotope; Biology; Alaska
Downloads: 35
[texts]Experimental study of aluminum sheet surface roughness using optical interferometry - Lucachick, Glenn Arthur
During sheet metal forming, the surface finish changes as the sheet slides bends, and stretches against the tools. Specially engineered surface finishes have been developed by automakers to improve forming consistency and painting quality. This study assessed the evolution of surface parameters on aluminum sheet surface finishes during manufacturing processes. The scope of this work is experimental...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; master of science; auraria library; mechanical engineering; interferometry; surface texture
Downloads: 29
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